Stay longer at home,
more safety and autonomy
for an improved quality of life.

When you need something, the easiest thing to do is ask. Make the vocal assistant Alexa a life companion. With Voice4Senior, you can ask her to organize your daily routines, remind you when to take your medication or send an alert in case of a problem. It means more autonomy and an improved quality of life for seniors and their families.

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Voice4Senior is a service and information platform dedicated to improving the quality of life of elderly people and their families through an innovative intelligent voice control service.


Our voice services are designed to promote autonomy for seniors to stay longer at home while delivering peace of mind for their family and caregivers. We also offer bespoke services for nursing homes, enabling them to improve quality of service residents monitoring and overall patient managent.

Available for Alexa on Amazon Echo speakers, SOS Alert is a voice activated emergency call service. It can also help day-to-day organization with programmed reminders for medication, safety tips, cognitive activities, and more.


SOS Alert provides peace of mind to family and caregivers with a two-way communication interface and an SOS Alert system that allows them to remain in permanent contact with their elderly parent or patient.

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SOS Alert

For seniors to remain independent for as long as possible and for their relatives and caregivers to remain worry-free, there is SOS Alert. It is a voice activated service that works with Alexa. In case of a fall or problem, simply ask Alexa to launch SOS Alert and emergency contacts will be notified by phone, email and text message.

Medication Reminders*

No more forgotten pills, SOS Alert is an Alexa feature that allows scheduling of reminders for taking medication throughout the day. It’s easy, just define the time of day and the type of medication. For example, you can schedule blood pressure pills at 9am and then Alexa will remind you every morning that it’s time to take your pills. Try it now

Safety First*

Prevention is key to safety; SOS Alert for Alexa also provides for useful tips on home safety and on how to optimize your home to prevent accidents. Just ask and Alexa will provide you with a wealth of practical tips to remain safe. And to ensure that you have understood everything correctly, she will give you a Safety Quizz.

* Available early 2019


Voice4senior provides tailor-made solutions for senior care professionals and home support services for the elderly.

Whether you are a retirement home or offer home services for the elderly, we help you take advantage of the possibilities offered by intelligent voice assistants. Voice4Senior makes it possible to offer consistent and better-quality care.

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“Improve autonomy and mobility with Voice4Senior and Alexa, you will never forget your appointments and medications again. And if you need anything, ask Alexa!”

“You think technology isn't for seniors? Voice4Senior is designed especially for them. No prior knowledge is required, just the ability to speak. Functionalities have been developed to make their daily lives easier and independent for as long as possible. ”

“Voice4Senior improves the quality of life of seniors and their families. Contacts are made easier through the voice assistant: no keyboard and no screen, and everyone is reassured because in case of a problem, the elderly person will be able to ask Alexa to alert her relatives.”