Benefits for the user

Seniors can stay independent and autonomous longer at home. SOS Alert, a voice activated emergency system, is there to call for help in the event of a fall.


Benefits for the family

Rest assured while away with SOS Alert, the voice activated alert will contact you in case of a fall and the 2-way easy voice communication system allows you to stay in touch at all times.

Emergency Alerts

A voice-activated alert system allows the elderly user to send an alert notice to those identified as emergency contacts in case of a fall by just shouting a command to Alexa.

  • “Alexa start SOS Alert ”
  • “Alexa launch SOS Alert ”
  • “Alexa ask SOS Alert to send SOS”
  • “ SOS Alert for help”

Reminder to take medicine

Seniors tend to be forgetful due to aging or just because they are busy. But forgetting to take medication regularly can have serious health consequences. With SOS Alert you can easily ask Alexa for reminders to take pills at the appropriate time.

  • “Alexa ask SOS Alert to remind me to take my blue pills at 9am everyday”
  • “Alexa ask SOS Alert to remind me every 2 hours to drink a glass of water”
  • “Alexa ask SOS Alert to set up an alarm at 4pm tomorrow to go to the doctor”
  • “Alexa ask SOS Alert when is my next medicine reminder ”

Safety tips for the home

To reduce the risk of falling, it’s critical to maintain a tidy house. A daily flash briefing will provide seniors with safety tips and house guidelines to prevent accident.

  • “Alexa ask SOS Alert for a safety tip”
  • “Alexa ask SOS Alert what is the safety tip of the day?”
  • “Alexa what is my safety tip?”

Emergency Alert

Be independent and safe! SOS Alert is there in case of a fall, no need to stand up, just ask Alexa to call for help.

Medicine Reminder

Never forget your pills anymore. SOS Alert provides easy medicine reminders for an efficient treatment. Just ask Alexa to remind you.

Safety Tips

Prevention is the best treatment. Learn our safety tips and apply them to your everyday life so you won’t need to ask Alexa to call for help.



of all bones fractures in the elderly population are due to falls*


is the proportion of the senior population over 65 that falls each year*


of senior accidents are happening at home*

*Senior Accidents Info Source

““Improve autonomy and mobility with Voice4Senior and Alexa, you will never forget your appointments and medications again. And if you need anything, ask Alexa!” ”

““You think technology isn't for seniors? Voice4Senior is designed especially for them. No prior knowledge is required, just the ability to speak. Functionalities have been developed to make their daily lives easier and independent for as long as possible.””

““Voice4Senior improves the quality of life of seniors and their families. Contacts are made easier through the voice assistant: no keyboard and no screen, and everyone is reassured because in case of a problem, the elderly person will be able to ask Alexa to alert her relatives.””