Allow your senior patients to live more independently and safely and provide day to day facilitation. Include SOS Alert caregiver solutions to your service offering now.

Nursing Home

Offer your residents the latest generation of voice-activated services. Improve their quality of life by helping them manage independently their social activities and medication. Install smart speakers in their rooms and integrate SOS Alert into your monitoring centre. This will make your employees’ work easier and reduce your costs, while offering a better quality of service.

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  • Improved customer experience

  • Caregiving automation and companionship

  • Additional safety and communication channel

  • Better monitoring, service efficiency and cost saving

Home Care Professional

Improve your patient’s quality of life and deliver a better caregiving experience. SOS Alert enables the elderly to stay longer at home with improved autonomy and safety. You can manage your patient’s care planning and medication, send and receive voice notifications, and more…

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  • Improved services to patient

  • Improved autonomy and safety

  • Routine agenda management and medication planning

  • Notifications and reminders

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